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Our company is a licenced, reputable firm based in Budapest, specialising in:

  • domestic plumbing (leaks, overflows, burst pipes, showers, toilets etc.)
  • heating systems, hot water systems 
  • commercial installations
  • fitting and installations of all types of gas appliances (ovens, stoves,
    gas central heating, boilers, water heaters etc.)
  • istallation of household devices: washer, washing machine, dryer etc.
  • electric repaires
  • home renovations

for the English speaking community in Budapest.



For quotation and further information contact: +36 30 451 53 64



Setting up smoke alarms and carbonmonoxide detectors available.



Plumbing rates:

  • Faucet fixing, replace (basin, sink, bath tub, shower) : from 7000 HUF
  • Valve replace: from 5000 HUF (incl. material cost!)
  • Sink, basin replace: 16000 HUF
  • Basin, sink siphon replace: 8000 HUF 
  • Toilet replace: from 9000 HUF
  • Toilet tank replace: 8000 HUF
  • Toilet tank fixing: from 6000 HUF
  • Bath tub dismounting: 9000 HUF
  • Bath tub replace, mounting: from 20000 HUF
  • Bath tub siphon fixing, replace: from 8000 HUF
  • Shower cabin dismounting: 8000 HUF
  • Shower cabin replace, mounting: from 30000 HUF
  • Shower cabin panel (walls) mounting: from 9000 HUF
  • Shower head mounting: 6000 HUF
  • Dishwashers, washing machine install: 9000 HUF
  • Water-meter replace: 6000 HUF/1pc, 10000 HUF/2pcs, 13000 HUF/3pcs
  • Water-meter install: 16000 HUF/pc
  • Planning + fees of plan acceptance+ arrangements of water-meter: 20000 HUF
  • Installation of electric boiler: from 21000 HUF
  • Garden tap fixing, replace: from 6000 HUF

Gas fitting rates:
Convectors, tile stoves:

  • Cleaning, safety checking, gas consistence exam: 8000 HUF/1pc, 14000 HUF/2pcs
  • Parts replace: 11000 HUF (inc.material cost!)
  • Convector replace: 16000 HUF
  • Convector install:20000 HUF
  • Tile stove burner replace: 19000 HUF

Water heaters, central heating appliances:

  • Water heater cleaning, checking, gas consistence exam: 8000 HUF
  • Cirko cleaning, checking, gas consistence exam: 9000 HUF
  • Kombi-cirko cleaning, checking, gas consistence exam: 10000 HUF
  • Parts replace: 11000 HUF (icl. material cost!)
  • Water heater replace: 21000 HUF
  • Central heating stove (cirkó-kombi cirkó) replace: from 40000 HUF

Cooking stove

  • Installation: 15000 HUF
  • Safety cleaning, maintenance: 8000 Ft


Rates of fixing heating problems:

  • Fill up, airtighting, regulating central heating system: from 9000 HUF
  • Radiator change: 11000 HUF/pc
  • Radiator valve replace: 7000 HUF/pc
  • Thermostat replace: 8000 HUF/pc

Electric repair rates:

  • Lamp mountig: from 5000 HUF/pc
  • Plug, switch replace: from 5000 HUF/pc (incl.material cost!)
  • Install new circuit breaker panel: 26000 HUF
  • Bell change: 8000 HUF/pc
  • Electric stove, oven instal: 9000 HUF
  • Electric boiler scaling, anod-change: 14000 HUF
  • Electric boiler fixing: from 6000 HUF

Complete renovation of electric system in an apartment: 6000 HUF/sm (m2)
uilding out a new electric system: 7000 HUF/sm (m2)

Airconditioning cleaning 8000Ft/set

These are informative and gross charges. As all appartment is different, all jobs are different, for that we offer you a quotation (detailed estimate) after assesment at the price of 5000 Ft, which will be deducted from workfees if you place an order with us. 

There is no call-out (travel charge) in Budapest in the following districts: I., II., III., V., VI., VII., VIII., IX., XI., XII, XXI, XXII. 

In all the other districts of Budapest there is a 3000 Ft travel charge.

Outside Budapest we charge 3000 Ft + 80 Ft/km for travelling costs.

We charge for parking fees in areas where there is parking fees obligation.

After 6PM there is a 3000 Ft hourly fee in addition to basic or agreed charges.

For further information contact: + 36 30 451 5364

e-mail: aquabest@freemail.hu